Clash of Clans defense: tips and tricks for all Level


In this article you can find our tips and tricks to get the best Clash of Clans defense for all Hall-Level listed on one page. In addition to some general tips for the building of the defense and the preparation of the building we have again created an additional item with Build-Order, tips on preparation and much more for each hall level.So if you have had enough, which is eingerannt your defense and the gold and elixir is stolen by other players, then you should look at this product and possibly all times. Among the items for each hall level. There we have tested some strategies from the Internet and in our opinion best defense for Clash of Clans linked as video. At the beginning you mostly not yet engaged in the preparation of building and the ultimate goal, it is fast as far as possible to move forward. That’s a good thing, but at the latest from Level 3 or 4 you should definitely think about how to build the buildings in the base at the ablest and how to use the defenses most sense. Even if the defense is so important to neglect many players the subject and often sees players on level 6 who still placed your bearings as open as a barn door in the base, so it’s no problem to take the base.

On the Internet you will find quite a lot of good guide on this subject, but also at least as many tutorials with which we could start anything. Our experience around the best defense in Clash of Clans you can find under the following two headings. You are welcome to still provide further advice if it still should hook somewhere us through the comments in this article.

The best defense in Clash of Clans

Below we have some different defensive strategies in Clash of Clans hack listed and summarized to a few tips and tricks from our experiences. In Clash of Clans many roads lead to Rome, so this article only reflects our opinion on the subject, it may certainly be many other procedures in order to protect its raw materials as well as possible. Many of the tips comes in part from the Clash of Clans tips under Well worth a visit, a lot of information about the game listed and described clearly.

Box principle the best defense in Clash of Clans

After several tests and try the caste principle in building a good defense in CoC our opinion is still the best and most effective. The important buildings are placed in the middle in the basic Taken, encircled by a wall, then come other buildings and defenses, so a wall is pulled back and then come the very unimportant buildings such as the huts of the workers. In the following list we have the Clash of Clans strategy listed again. Due to the necessary walls, it is usually only useful from City Hall Level 4 or Level 5 at City Hall to proceed that way.

  • First ring in the center: the town hall, gold-bearing, elixir-bearing wall around the building =
  • Second ring: Production facilities such as gold mines, barracks paired with defenses = wall around the building
  • Third ring: If other walls present this build, even to decimate unimportant building as the Workers’ huts when needed some bombs and leghold traps the army before the walls.

Tip for this defensive strategy: Build the walls always so that at least two battering rams needed by the attacker to get directly into the center of the base of the most important buildings in the form of camps and Town Hall.

Is it worthwhile to build double-walls?

Especially at a low level, there are many players who say, better safe than in their defense and we see then double-walls. In our opinion, although it looks pretty brutal, but double-walls are not particularly useful in Clash of Clans. The arrangement of the walls can make a lot more effective and meaningful through the above box principle. The only advantage of double walls is that in any case two rams requires the attacker. As the number of available walls is not however unlimited, we do not recommend the double walls in the defense of Clash of Clans installed with.

Placing unimportant building in the corner

Especially as a beginner you wonder why some players make some buildings completely defenseless on the edges of town in Clash of Clans. The reason for this is, in principle, relatively easy and quick to explain. The player is well known, only a limited time to all buildings to destroy the attack and thus to come to all three stars, which in turn has a positive effect on the trophies in Clash of Clans.Therefore, some players put the buildings at the corners of the base, so the player must run long distances to really completely destroy all buildings. Particularly at the beginning of this strategy is quite good to use. So you can for example put their tents very outside in the base.

A wall around the base – probably the worst defenses

Even though it has now rumgesprochen, you can still see a lot of players in Clash of Clans, the build just a wall around the entire base and all the buildings, and weigh so in safety. But this is not so, because that is not next to walls probably the worst defense strategy that you can choose in the app.Anyone who has ever seen a battering ram and knows the function, which will be pleased with such enemy bases. The rams can this strategy immediately list and break through the walls, so as to send his units in the base. Therefore, we strongly advise against, on Town Hall Level 1 or 2 procedure can be followed, but please not at a higher level.

A wall around the City Hall – good defense?

Besides a wall around the entire basic strategy can be found on the Internet still a slight improvement, but we also can not recommend. In this Clash of Clans defense is simply not drawn around the Town Hall another wall. Thus, the protection against normal units as barbarians was already somewhat better, but still not recommended much. Reason is simple, that you can attack, for example, with archers or other ranged units without problems.

Here’s an interesting video on the subject of defense strategies in Clash of Clans.

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5 Horny Snapchat Tips & Tricks You Must Know

snapchat tips and tricks

It is the new success Cruises: With snapchat you can friends and acquaintances back funny pictures and forth or even upload publicly. And the popularity is growing! On the day are now around 700 million pictures and videos worldwide shipping.

So you can make your Pics something horny, we including 5 horny Snapchat tips and tricks.

1. Activate secret features

First you invite thee in the AppStore download the latest version of snapchat. Then go with the “Setting” to “additional services” and click “Manage”. There you can then select various extras, including the filter.

2. Male with other colors

Once you have an image shot, you can in different colors on it to paint something. What hardly anyone knows: There’s the iPhone even more colors that are not seen in the Rainbow column. White you get when you with your finger until up to the very top of Rainbow column and then over to the top left corner the displays are driving. Black you get when you the finger streichst after Rainbow pillar downwards. Give it a try and run my finger over the screen – so you get quite different colors!

Advantage for Android users: You can with transparent colors to paint! Pressures for longer on the Rainbow column until opens an entire window. There you’ll find the various possibilities.

3. Add cool filters added

With the latest version, you can filter or artistic writings lay it on the screen. Or you opt for the time or the temperature.

4. Faster Selfies

Instead of clicking the camera change button, you can double-tap the screen. Then, the front camera will open automatically.

5. Change your BFF Number

The app shows your three best friends with whom you snapchattest most. You can also get more people appear, however. Go for it again on “Settings”, then “additional services” and click “Manage”. Then on “Number of best friends”. Here you can choose how many people are to be shown.

Tricks to earn free Coins and infinite Chips for 8 Ball Pool

8_Ball_Pool hack cheat

The most popular game of Pool mobile 8 Ball Pool undoubtedly makes us have a good time distracting when you have time to relax, but often the coins we have to challenge at different tables are insufficient. Here is a super cool article and 8 ball pool hack by which you will be able to get unlimited money and chips for free.

That is why we will teach you some tricks to apply on 8 Balls Pool you can make money, without going any further I managed to get over 100 thousand in a couple of tables and you explain how is achieved.

Although usually begin with an associated Facebook account, this is not possible to apply some tricks but if we serve in order to face rivals a high level as we go we take our experience at different tables, so you have a great experience in as we will play a lot to the next step where we can get a lot of coins. Remember if you can get your free coins 25 coins, a roll to the daily raffle, view advertising videos in exchange for coins or install other Apps with which currency you restart invite friends so well.

The trick about the Guest account , as this starts at a level of 0, your first tutorial will make up to 1 and immediately seek a rival (You can go back and start playing back at a table of 25 plays the bet 100 and your user camouflaged better level you will face rookie at these tables with which you can easily beat them. Get more than 500 currencies and bet on the table 500 to win 1000. I advise you not gather 2500 play the bettinglo all, because it can leave some top rival, but the system regularly seeks similar level users, so almost always be playing with newbies. Achieves gather 10 thousand, and start wagering on these tables, usually because you’ll by 6-7 level if you do succeed gaining over 90% of the tables, which is not difficult. When you’re on a level 9 approx. Try your luck and play table 50k, it is where much money is earned but beware, there are many high-level users can be better than you, I played and won. Play when you have enough money to bettinglo all appear similar to your level rivals, practically with less money than you if you do succeed.

But, what happens when you have won a lot of money and then begin to lose everything, you have no coins to bet?

The answer is to start a new Guest Account 0 and repeat the process, but each time have insurance to gain more experience and coins easier, go buy the most expensive tacos, packs of phrases, etc. to feel superior and have greater confidence in the game. Whenever you play a novice to get their coins.

To start a new guest account on Android you should go to:

Settings> Applications> 8 Ball Pool> Storage> Clear Data

So you will erase the local data of the application and log in again you can see the game start a new guest account, from scratch. Your account linked to Facebook, Google+ or Miniclip remain intact.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack and Tips for Android and iOS

shadow fight 2 hack cheat online

Are you looking for Shadow Fight 2 Hack and useful tips and tricks for the fight? We will have here a handful of tips and tricks, and everything to the question of whether there are cheats for Android or iOS, summarized. The app Shadow Fight 2 is a new game from the developers Nekki and in our opinion, very successful.With over 40 million players on Facebook, there is the game now available for Android and iOS, and is just plain great fun. Here you play a warrior who is indeed already lost their lives, but now as a Shadow Warrior is risen again and fights against the evil enemy. Here the players are not only numerous attacks and attack combos are available, but also lots of deadly weapons and equipment. With the collected coins in the game you can upgrade and improve your character in 2 Shadow Fight. At the same time can choose between countless different fighting techniques.

In addition to the own skills, the figure in the fight control properly and be able to execute powerful attacks, it also depends on the proper equipment. So you are currently over 100 different weapons at your disposal. This includes, for example, a sword or a nunchaku, with which you can teach the enemy to fear.With the help of magic you’ll Kreifen then again hand out more damage and take more damage from the enemy. Anyone looking for a good beat ’em up game for Android and iOS, which is also free, which should be 2 See Shadow Fight times more accurate in any case. Especially for fans Kombo is the app just right.Not to mention the good looks and the beautiful effects during battles.

Under the following heading, we have you listed some set of information about Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and some tips.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack and Tricks

Shadow Fight 2 from Nekki

Although it is basically no breakthrough tips are in a fighting game except for the equipment we have summarized a few tips to start the game and in defense of the attacks of the enemy here. If you still have more tips for the app, then write us very happy about the comment form below and we will answer your Notes with in this article.

Tip 1: General Tips App

Let’s talk about some general tips for Shadow Fight 2, which we noticed in the last few hours of play. Firstly, it depends mainly on the correct control.Through the moving the joystick to the left and the actuation of an attack you can attack the enemy. If you pull the joystick backwards, then you can avoid the attacks of the enemy. Because that is what matters in the app especially, it is important not only hand out a lot of damage but also the opponents land repeatedly several attacks and this one should block out especially later in the game, because otherwise very quickly no longer have fun with the game becomes.

Another special feature of Shadow Fight 2 compared to other beat’em up games are the Hitboxes. In some apps from this genre it does not really matter exactly where you meet the enemy, because it always does damage and negatively affects the target foe has made. But in Shadow Fight 2 This is a bit different, because here it does make a difference whether you hit the opponent’s leg or head. Therefore, another tip; always make sure to take in the right areas where you can achieve the greatest impact damage, such as the head.

Tip 2: Select the correct combos

Not infrequently it happens later in the game Shadow Fight 2 that the confronting opponent is a lot stronger than oneself. So you should think carefully before the dojo, which attacks you want to use in order to defeat the enemy finally can. Instead of going can only offensive to defeat namely one or two opponents without problems by simple counter. Even when choosing the right attacks for the combos we recommend rather simple beats like a couple of blow sequences or kicks to the opponent. Combining these then with somewhat stronger attacks then the enemy comes in a real hit not even to the train and you can dish out damage properly. We present here soon again the combos and sequences of beats before, with whom we have had the most success. Good combos bring the way also more coins into Shadow Fight 2, which you can then put back into the equipment and weapons for your shadow fighters.In the game there are incidentally also called Gems and precious stones, with which you can move faster.These can be collected almost exclusively via an in-app purchase / buy.

Tip 3: attack from below

Many know the tip probably already from other beat ’em up games, and this works very well in the new Shadow Fight. 2 Namely, the blows from below and on the legs of the opponent is very strong again. So it often enough all the time with the sword to hit on the legs and repeat this simple combo to defeat the opponent then finally can. Especially at the beginning you can make progress relatively quickly using this tactic.

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats – what is it?

A search on the Internet and you will find numerous Shadow Fight 2 cheats or hacks that promise the best weapons and combos a few minutes. We can only advise against such dubious programs in the form of alleged cheats or Shadow Fight 2 Hacks. There is to our knowledge no official cheats from the developer or other codes with which you can immediately unlock all the weapons. Who is playing much and good combos hands out who gets coins and can it equip his fighters with new equipment and therefore verbessern.Lasst prefer the finger of an alleged Shadow Fight 2 Cheat and invested the time rather directly into the app to further progress to come ,

Beat’em-Up App Download now for free

We had and still have great fun with Shadow Fight 2 we can give you the free app only recommend. The numerous combos and challenges offer hours of play for a lot of great fun and entertainment. Due to the numerous weapons and armor you can spend also a lot of time with trying out different equipment, which has made us a lot of fun. The only shortcoming is currently known to us that there is no multiplayer mode in Shadow Fight 2, in which one could compete against players all over the world as in the fight. Maybe a multiplayer mode is yet to come.

Get shadow fight 2 hack here and play your game with full potential.

Fifa 16 Coin Generator Online – Unlimites Coins & Points


The upcoming video games comes with lot of promises ranging from amazing graphics to sensational features and when it comes to the most popular game among youngsters then surely Fifa tops the list undisputedly.  There are numerous fans of this game and the number is still on the rise all thanks to its ever increasing player’s list and exciting manoeuvres. You are bound to enjoy this game more if you have the apt hack tools or coin generators. If you are looking for such options then you have come to the right place as we are going to guide you towards your desirable source.

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There are many benefits of availing the coin generator as you will be able to unlock various exciting options. You will be able to enjoy the games of your dream teams and you will be ready to see your favourite players in action! It is certainly the most sought-after option that the fans of this game are looking for. The good news is that you can avail it quite easily by opting it to download it from us. We are the most trusted sources from where you can get the much needed coin generators.

So all you need to do to make way for wonderful gaming experience is to seek the fifa 16 coin generator online. It is advisable that you search thoroughly for the service providers as there are many unauthentic ones as well. You need the best and the most experienced providers of the fifa 16 coins generator so that you can avoid any sort of disappointments and can easily seek out your desirable results. 

Now, you can open your gaming to pulsating spheres as there is so much that you can avail online to make everything a cakewalk for you. The icing on the cake is certainly the availability of the fifa 16 coins generator no survey. So without any delay seek the best

 fifa 16 coins generator online and rest assured you will be really grateful that you took the step in this direction as your gaming will never be the same again. You are bound to touch the epitome of brilliant performances in your game which you thought was just a fantasy for you.

It is time to make your dreams a reality and with these services you are sure to have ultimate time while playing your favourite game. So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and see by yourself that you are really in luck here!

Dominations: The United Nations and its advantages at a glance

dominations-tips and tricks

Once you reach the Iron Age in the free-to-play mobile game Dominations, you have the foundation for a Glorious Nation placed. Now you can look to choose between one of the seven cultures whose fate will guide their future. Each of them brings its own advantages. Thus you ever get a rough overview, we have compiled the most important information for you.


The Brits are seemingly clever thieves because all looted assets, which are captured by a successful attack, gets on top of her additional ten percent. Among the special units of the British include the longbow, which are particularly effective against defense towers.


The Chinese benefit Dominations of increased birth rates and have an additional citizen. In addition, you’ll get with any new era, reached your nation, another defender. The Chinese are a well-balanced people. The additional subordinates done their upcoming tasks a bit faster.Attacker, such as the greedy Englishmen have many defenders not an easy game with you.

French people

The French are particularly nimble in Dominations, when it comes to draw up new troops. Here you can look forward over a whopping time saving of 20 percent. They received from their allies more auxiliaries than other peoples. In the age of black powder you can receive with open arms even six soldiers of your friends. The special unit of the French is the cavalry. Where the heavily armored cavalryman by whips, no grass grows.



The Germans benefit Dominations of powerful infantry. Vandals and mercenaries are the perfect dismantling squad. Once they are first in a rage, the soldiers will benefit from a ten-percent boost to the damage caused.


The Greeks are clever tinkerer. This is noticeable especially when upgrades. All extensions that take less time than 15 minutes, the Greeks cost no tired cent. With each new era reached this limit is even more generous and increased by five minutes. Moreover, the Greeks get five percent of their expenses, they have to spend on upgrades, refunded. The cavalry of the Greeks must not hide behind the cavalry of the French and white for tidy devastation to worry.


The Japanese are a bulit in folk Dominations. The city center is similar to a defensive tower and opened fire on attackers instantly. Peace treaties allow the Japanese to get a lot of weight, which is why they also last longer than other peoples. But you do not have bonuses to resources. The defensive orientation of the center in conjunction with very strong infantry predestined the Japanese as a military power, which increases their frontiers with clever campaigns.


The Romans benefit Dominations also of an offensive orientation. The maximum size of the army beat the Romans with additional ten percent. In addition, the legions of Rome have a quarter more energy than the foot soldiers of other nations. For you as a Roman rulers that means: strike quickly and annihilate the enemy.

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Problems with WhatsApp? Here are the tricks to solve

Messages not sent or received, difficulty in downloading photos and other multimedia content submitted by other users, inability to access the service and so on: in most cases, fortunately, the problems of WhatsApp can be solved within a few tens of seconds


With more than 800 million unique monthly users, WhatsApp is among the most widely used digital communication platforms in the world. About ingenuity and computer skills of Jan Koum and Brian Acton, able to create a communication system fast, agile and easy to use. Occasionally, however, WhatsApp indictment of the problems that make the user experience is not exactly pleasant: messages not sent or received, difficulty in downloading photos and other multimedia content submitted by other users, inability to access the service and so on.

In most cases, fortunately, the problems of WhatsApp can be solved within a few tens of seconds will be enough to identify the cause and implement some simple tricks to solve them and come back to chat with their friends.

Here are solutions to common problems WhatsApp.

Solutions to solve “SMS verification failed”

The problem “SMS verification failed” appears during installation, when WhatsApp try to send a text message containing a verification code to a number specified by the user. Several reasons can lead to this error and various solutions to be implemented. It can happen, for example, if you try to install an outdated version of WhatsApp, in which case you must connect to the Google Play Store and install the latest version of the application or update the one already in your device. If that does not bear fruit, you should check that the data connection (or Wi-Fi) is active and you are connected to the Internet: if WhatsApp not detect your connection to the web being tested will show verification failed. If the two solutions fail to solve the problem you will have to turn the smartphone off, wait about ten seconds, turn it back on and repeat the testing procedure.

Problems with photos and multimedia files

If you encounter problems with the download (or sending) of images and videos you have, first of all, ensure that in memory there is enough space for their storage. If the space should not be enough, in fact, it would be impossible to store and, then, download them. For Android you have to access the Settings, then memory and verify that the space is not finished. Open on iOS Settings, General, and then press on space use and iCloud: Manage space from the archives section you will be able to do some ‘cleaning when memory is too full. WhatsApp effected this preliminary check, if the problem continues to occur we can move on to other solutions. If, for example, this was connected to the data line of the smartphone, one can carry out a speed test: maybe the reception is good but the bandwidth is not sufficient data for download (or upload) of the content. Much the same for the Wi-Fi: even if the phone is connected to the wireless network at home, it does not mean that your Internet connection is stable.

Problems with the schedule of posts

If you have problems with your time of arrival and sending messages, it’s likely that your phone settings are not right. In this case you will have to manually change the time, so as to align it to that provided by the server WhatsApp. With Android you will have access to Settings and click on date and time; iOS go to Settings, then General, and then Date and Time. Change now Android and iOS Using WhatsApp tablet Try using WhatsApp with the tablet but the application of Koum and Acton just does not want to work? Probably the cause of everything is just the tablet: during the installation procedure, WhatsApp requires a phone number with which to confirm the account that you are about to create. In the event that the tablet has only Wi-Fi connectivity and has a slot for the SIM this step can not be carried out: by entering the number of smartphones, in fact, it “would transfer” the account to the tablet and we could no longer answer the phone.

WhatsApp your tablet

To use WhatsApp on the tablet the way forward is much vrebe. The most ingenious solutions and simple, in fact, are often the best. You will have to buy a new SIM (not necessarily with a data plan, since it does not serve to navigate or call) to be used only during the registration process: when you will be required to insert the phone number of the card is purchased, and expects the message text with the confirmation code (using, perhaps, an old cell phone). Entering the number, you can use WhatsApp on your tablet. For contacts, simply set up the synchronization account and you’re done.

Solutions to solve “Phone is inaccurate dates” for WhatsApp

It may happen that, during a chat, WhatsApp show the message Phone is inaccurate dates and stops working properly. Again this is a problem caused by old and outdated versions of WhatsApp: you must then delete the application from the device memory and install it again. Who uses WhatsApp on Android must first clear the cache and data, so that even the old configuration files are removed, while iOS users this step is not necessary (removing the app from the memory of the iPhone, all settings will be deleted and data cache). Procedure Android On Android, then, you must access the Phone Settings, scroll down the list until you find the voice and premerci App to display the list of everything that is installed on the device. At this point you press on Whatsapp and you enter the card’s instant messaging service: clicking Delete Data and Clear Cache you are sure that the problem does not recur. Now you can uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on the device.

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